Tuesday, March 18, 2008

cali love

Stian has been in recovery for 3 weeks now because of a bad fall at bear and unfortunately a broken bone of his shoulder. He's doing good now, and here is a little report of what he's doing when you're a california boy.

Stian : “March 17th: Wake up, go to Whole Foods in Manhattan Beach, CA. Gotta find some more Norwegian Brown cheese they sell there. I’m soooo done with the typical US breakfast with eggs, bacon, pancakes, hash browns and toast. Anyways, yeah, find the cheese, maybe some Gouda cheese as well and some good bread with Danish butter (since they don’t have Norwegian Import butter there, closest thing will do). Make a nice Norwegian breakfast back at my brother’s place here in Hermosa, CA. After that set up a new 55 Powder Sucks board, since i’m going to Bear on Tuesday and test out my shoulder and see if it’s good to go again after a little injury 2 weeks ago. Maybe pull out a chair outside the garage and tan for the rest of the day.

March 18th: Wake up at 7am, start driving to Big Bear, (Mellow 1 1/2 drive). Hopefully my shoulder is going to be all good, my new Electric’s (goggles) sitting good on my face, and everything is fine and Dandy. Leave Big Bear at 3pm just because the whole traffic situation in California is insane. Gotta beat it before I get stuck in it. Come back to Hermosa and go to Club Sushi for the best Sushi in LA!
PS. They have the best Volcano chocolate cake EVER….

March 19th: Wake up at 7 again. Drive back up to Big Bear to snowboard again, since Soletec (32/Etnies) has their annual employee day up there where they drive everyone that works for them up to Big Bear for a day at the hill. It’s pretty funny to hang with the people that work in the offices and see them actually try to go down the hill. Throw some High 5’s and start driving back to Hermosa. Start packing my shit since i’m leaving the 20th.

March 20th: Wake up, make sure I have all my shit since i’m leaving for Tahoe today. Start driving around 11am or 12pm just to sneak past traffic. Drive for 7-8 hours until I get to lake Tahoe. Hook up with Per-Hampus, Jakob and Hampus, (www.actionhorsefilmscom). Probably go to bed as soon as I get there.

March 21st: Wake up early. Go to Vons and order the fresh made sandiwches they have there and stack up on Perrier bottles. Get more than the 1 day I have with the Horse crew from early Feb. Go check out some spots and hopefully we have a good day. It’s going to be sick anyways hanging with those guys. Go back to the hotel and hang on the internet (Myspace, Facebook!)

MArch 22nd: It’s a Saturday, but still waking up early. Or depending on the weather who know’s. Do exactly what we did yesterday.

March 23rd: What did we do yesterday??

When your in filming mode, your days are really just a repetition everyday. The only thing that changes is the locations, weather and creativity while the day is getting older… Other than that, Wake up early, go out, have fun, go home, sleep for the night…………
Wake up again..

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