Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Andrew gets the Pleasure Mag cover!

Hey everyone!

I hope yall had a good summer and that you're ready for that killing season coming up. I haven't been updating the blog much these days but I promise I'm going to do it more often since the new blog will be up in front of our new website.
Riders will post their news, photos and videos so you can follow them on the website.
We'll post the news and videos of our riders as always.

Guess who got the cover of the new German mag, Pleasure? Yeah right, that's Andrew Brewer, killing it in front board on that huge ledge for the new FODT "The Arena" movie. Don't miss his part on the new flick, hella sick!

Congrats Andrew!!!


Tuesday, June 29, 2010

New FODT Technine X MFM teaser for THE ARENA with Jonah Owen and Andrew Brewer

The FODT/TECHNINE crew combined with MFM released their new teaser for their new flick coming out this fall. It's called The Arena and the teaser is a tribute to Guru of Gangstarr.
Watch out for our riders Jonah Owen and Andrew Brewer in that new movie!!!
Enjoy the teaser.


Stian and his buddies having some summer snowboarding good times.

Stian and friends enjoying summer snowboarding. Those guys know how to have fun for sure.

Untitled from Stian Solberg on Vimeo.

Windell's 2010 Session 1 and 2 with Lucas Wilson and Jonah Owen

Our boys Lucas Wilson and Jonah Owen are currently at Windells in Mt Hood and they are straight killing it. The guys are probably the steeziest riders of the whole windells crew. Watch that out!

Windells 1, 2010: Snowboarding from Windells on Vimeo.

Windells 2, 2010: Snowboarding from Windells on Vimeo.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Erik Leon gets 1st at Funky Junk jam at the patch

Erik killed it once again this saturday for the Funky Junk jam organized by Cory Cronk and KTG.
Holla at ya boys

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Landing, sponsor of the new Heart fillms flick

Landing Or What stained-glass by Nate

Look out what our boy Nate Corrado from Portland made. Yeah that's right, the "Landing or what" drawing in stained-glass. Pretty cool huh?
Props homie!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Tomo in the new Heart film flick

Look out for our Japanese rider Tomo Inoue in the new Heart film movie coming out this fall.